Published Maret 8, 2014 by The Word Potion

#WhenIwasYoung #AboutBeingATrainingTeacher

Tetiba di-tag di status fb, tetiba pula kangen dan ingat mereka, my very first students. I feel blessed I had ever experienced PPL di STM yg anak2nya luar biasa canggih (nakalnya :p), ajang uji nyali melatih mental (because once I stepped on the real world, I guessed I was more than ready).
I taught them, I shared knowledge with them. On the other hand, I learned a lot from them as well. They were either my students or my teacher.

Being a part of SMKN 7 Surabaya for almost 4 months was such an unforgettable experience for me. Thank you guys for the memories!

– A Forever Learner –

“Jadi begini.. Cantik/ganteng itu bonus. Tapi anak-anak tidak butuh guru cantik/ganteng, Pak, Bu. Yang mereka butuh hanya guru yang mampu memahami mereka.” – Wakasek SMKN 7 Surabaya

Lesson learned. Well understood, Pak. I’ll always keep that in mind.

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